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TMSG:Over 100 Whataburger Customers In Florida Pay It Forward In Drive-Thru

Male Using Contactless Payment

We often hear stories about customers 'paying it forward' in drive-thrus, and if we're lucky enough, some have experienced such great moments for themselves.

There was a really special 'pay it forward' moment that went down at a Whataburger in Pace, Florida. Over 100 customers treated each other to breakfast and lunch during an hours-long 'pay it forward' chain at the drive-thru. The chain started after an act of kindness by a regular customer. The customer randomly paid for the woman behind him and then of course, things continued on.

In total, 105 cars ended up taking part in the drive-thru 'pay it forward' chain. Whataburger General Manager Travis Ramsay said, "Our employees were so excited to see more than 100 of our Pace neighbors making a difference by brightening each other’s day. If you’ve never experienced something like this firsthand, it’s a truly remarkable thing, and I think I speak for us all when I say this is the kind of good news we’ve all been craving!"

Photo: Getty Images