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Bobby Bones & Caitlin Film With Bear Grylls In Northern California

Last week, Bobby Bones and Bear Grylls announced that Bones and his fiancé Caitlin would be the first couple to be on his show Running Wild With Bear Grylls. After the announcement, Bones and Caitlin left to go film the episode over the weekend.

They were filming up in the mountains of Northern California. Bones shared that it was only 2 degrees and they had to make a camp and stay in sleeping bags. Because of that, he confessed that they maybe slept 30 minutes. After Bones last time filming Running Wild with Bear Grylls, he added that they definitely took it up a level since last time. Despite Caitlin's reluctancy to be on television, Bones said she spoke her mind and said exactly how she felt the whole time.

There was a moment during filming that Caitlin was very afraid. Bones said that at one point tears were coming down her face because she was so scared. However, he took over the other role with the crisis situation and they were able to get through it by working together as a team. He quickly added that it was a massive cliff, but that was the only thing Bones could share about the incident.

Both Bones and Caitlin are taking it easy the next few days as they recover from the difficult filming. Although it was all a challenge, Caitlin said Bear Grylls was one of her favorite people she's ever met because he's the same off-screen as he is on-screen.

There is no set time for when the show will air, but Bones said it will be out in the next couple months on National Geographic and Disney+.