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Limb Lengthening Surgeon Dr. Debiparshad Can Add 6 Inches To Your Height

Dr. Kevin Debiparshad's limb lengthening surgeries recently went viral. He was in the news for doing surgery on a man who wanted to go from 5'11" to 6'2" for the price of roughly $75,000. The man was really happy with his surgery, but of course the story made us have all the questions. We brought on Dr. Debiparshad virtually to the Bobby Bones Show to discuss his recent viral story, plus what really goes down during limb lengthening surgeries.

Limb Lengthening surgeries have been around for 80+ years. It was first used for trauma and limb deformity situations. Technology in recent years has allowed them to extend the procedure into a cosmetic option. The surgery allows any one human to get around 6 more inches added to their height. Dr. Debiparshad is a Harvard Trained Surgeon and well versed in the things he's doing. The surgery alone costs $75,000 and Dr. Debiparshad admitted that the implant itself is what takes up more than half of that price.

While some elect to get the procedure done, Dr. Debiparshad said the recovery time doesn't take as long as some may think. Patients are in the hospital for around 2 days, but actually end up walking within 4 hours after surgery. For about 2 weeks post-surgery, patients use a walking aid and then they are normally in the clear to resume normal activities. The one downfall of the surgery is that patients may lose some of their athletic ability.