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Hear The Audio Of Lunchbox Teaching His Wife How to Drive Stick Shift

Last week, Lunchbox brought up on The Bobby Bones Show that he and his wife were in a huge argument over something he wouldn't do. His wife has wanted to learn how to drive stick shift so she can drive his car in case of emergencies.

Lunchbox wasn't not going to teach her because he didn't want her to ruin his long lasting Altima. He was worried about her burning it out when it's already on its last leg at 200,000 miles. Despite that, the show was able to convince him to teach her with the stipulation that she would pay for any damages that occurred during the lesson.

Over the weekend, Lunchbox taught his wife her first lesson and captured audio while doing it. He's laughing and constantly calling his wife "girl" while she's not getting the hang of the stick shift. At one point, he told her that the car wasn't even on. While the first lesson didn't go as planned, they do have more lessons coming up in the next few days. Though, Lunchbox said they wouldn't be getting on a public street or highway anytime soon.