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Kimberly Schlapman: Understanding Grief. Wellness. Comfort Food. Gratitude.

This week Amy has Kimberly Schlapman (@ohgussie) from Little Big Town on for all 4 Things! FIRST THING: This year has been pretty hard, so Amy and Kimberly talk about grief...offering hope to those in the thick of it...that you can make it to the other side. Kimberly understands she suddenly lost her first husband and had fertility struggles for years. SECOND THING: Kimberly shared what wellness is for her...mind, body, and spirit. THIRD THING: We all have our go to comfort food or recipe. Kimberly talks about the cookies she made Amy, and her favorite meal that she makes for the ones she loves! You can find Kimberly’s recipe on Amy’s blog at! FOURTH THING: Kimberly tells us 4 Things she’s grateful for...when guests practice gratitude either’s always a great way to get to know them better!

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