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TMSG: 91-Year-Old Man With Dementia Forms Bond With Kids Across The Street

91-year-old Gene McGehee stepped outside his home in Vidalia, Louisiana one day and discovered there were some kids from the day care across the street who wanted him to join in on their fun.

McGehee also met the kids' day care teacher Megan Nunez. Their interactions have been happening every day for three years now. But every day McGehee meets Nunez and her kids for the first time because he has severe dementia, and can barely remember his own face.

His daughter Cathy shared with CBS News that her father also suffered from loneliness until the day care kids came into his life. For about an hour every afternoon, Gene enjoys time with the children. Nunez said, "We always tell the kids that his brain is kind of sick, but his heart remembers us."

Photo: Getty Images