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TMSG: Cleaner Given Apartment By Those Living Where She Works

Rosa, a cleaner from New York City, was furloughed from her job during the pandemic.

She has been a cleaner at a luxury high-rise building for 20 years. Despite being furloughed because of the pandemic, she would still go to work every day and have a huge smile on her face. Once she was furloughed, she started living with her sister to save money.

In a heartwarming video posted to Reddit, Rosa is seen taking the elevator up to the penthouse where she thinks she is going to clean. They take a tour of the kitchen and the huge terrace, all while she's making commentary about things she hopes for the new owners. That's when the real estate agent says, "The people that live here have been telling me a lot about your contributions to this building and a lot of people here in this building are a big fan of you."

He then hands Rosa a contract for the penthouse for a two-year lease that some of her "fans" paid for together. Rosa immediately broke down into tears at the kind gesture. The video will definitely bring anyone all the feels.

Photo: Getty Images