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Lunchbox Competes Against Female Listener Jamie In Finale Of NFL Trivia

Today on The Bobby Bones Show (February 1) the long awaited finale of NFL Trivia happened. Lunchbox competed against listener Jamie for the second week in a row. Last week, the two competed against each other and she gave Lunchbox his very first tie of the season. His record stood at 14 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie after that game.

So it was only appropriate that the one person who gave him a tie would get to come back and play the finale against him. Jamie came back through the phones today for the finale. Both her and Lunchbox answered all 7 of their first questions correctly. That's when they had to go into a speed round with 3 questions to see who could get the most correct for the win.

Jamie pulled ahead of Lunchbox by 1 point, giving Lunchbox his first and only loss of the season. However, this meant Lunchbox lost the entire NFL Trivia season because he claimed that there wasn't a female out there that could beat him in NFL Trivia.