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Lunchbox's Alter Ego Called The News To Get His Story In The News

Last week, Lunchbox tried to pull a Darius Rucker move and pay for all of the customers at a local sub shop in Nashville. He did this so he could get recognition from the news and hopefully get some fame.

However, things didn't turn out as Lunchbox had hoped. Despite him telling the customers to call the news and share the story of how he paid for all of them, no one did. So he reached out to the news as his alter ego Niko Jackson to tell the story. Niko called thew news desk and let the woman know that he was at a local sub shop when a really nice guy named Lunchbox came in and paid for everyone. The woman at the news station was really kind and said she was happy for him and that she would pass the story on.

Just in case someone thought this may make the news do a story, it didn't. Nothing still hasn't come from Lunchbox's "good deed" inspired by Rucker.