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Scuba Steve Found 2 Dead People's Remains At His New Home

Scuba Steve joined The Bobby Bones Show just over a year ago. With the new job came a big move from California to Tennessee. Obviously, he and his wife had to find a house for their family near Nashville. They thought they found the perfect house for them right when they first moved here, but Scuba is definitely rethinking that now.

He shared during the show this morning (February 3) that when he was going through some of his drawers, he opened one that he hadn't before. That drawer had two boxes of what Scuba thought was sand in them. He messed around with the sand and then looked at the top of the lid to see that each box was the cremated remains of a human. He learned that each box was a parent of the last owners of the home. Scuba reached out to them and they obviously came and got them.

Despite the old owners being happy to be reunited with the cremated remains of their loved ones, Scuba Steve can't help but feel that his house definitely has some paranormal activity going on.