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TMSG: Garbage Truck Driver Saves Puppy Abandoned In Backpack & Adopts Her

Rumpke Waste & Recycling truck driver Aaron Kinsel was working his usual route in Ohio when he noticed a discarded backpack on the side of the road.

Kinsel went to check things out and discovered an abandoned 10-week old puppy inside. According to the waste management company, the female boxer-mix was suffering from dehydration and a broken leg when he found her. He took her to a local veterinarian who determined that she has to have her leg amputated or undergo expensive surgery to save the limb.

Rumpke stepped up to pay for the puppy's treatment to ensure she makes a full recovery. The pup dubbed "Tipper," became a temporary member of the Rumpke family until Kinsel and his family decided to adopt the dog. He told WLWT that they may still have to amputate the pup's leg despite the surgery to fix the limb, but regardless she is finally in a loving home.

Photo: Getty Images