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TMSG: Student Saves Couple, Grandkids From House Fire

College student George Totoreanu was playing video games when he had to jump into action to help out his neighbors.

While playing video games, Totoreanu noticed that his neighbor's house was on fire. He shot out of his house and went over see if anyone was inside. There was a couple and their 18-month-old twin grandchildren inside so Totoreanu helped them get out safely.

He said he banged on the doors first and helped the man get out, that's when the guy said his wife and their grandchildren were still upstairs. Totoreanu ran upstairs, got a sleeping toddler out of a crib and helped the grandmother with the other grandchild get out to safety. Minutes later the whole house was in flames.

Totoreanu's quick action was to think for no one being injured. About 85 firefighters showed up shortly after and were able to get the blaze under control, but now several families are displaced. Totoreanu told NBC Washington, "I was in go mode, and then I went and did what I thought had to be done and I wanted to help them out. I didn't know that they were sleeping and that they didn't know anything was going on."

Photo: Getty Images