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Matt Stell Performs Brand New Song "That Ain't Me No More"

Matt Stell is "new" to the country music scene as he was just asked to be one of the New Faces at Country Radio Seminar 2021, but that hasn't stopped him from already having two number 1 hits. Stell stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to perform his two big hits, plus reveal a new song.

Stell didn't plan on having a career in music. He played basketball at Drury University and then went on to Arkansas to get a masters degree in Communication. While he was getting his Masters, Stell learned how to play guitar. From there, he started writing songs. When Stell put out his EP of the songs he had written, "Prayed For You" started making waves. People started streaming the song like crazy and it put a lot of eyes on Stell. However, he confessed that he knew he would make records despite if anyone listened to them.

Since pursuing his artist career, Stell has come across a lot of people that like to comment on his height. He's incredibly tall, but instead of seeing that as something to get to him, he uses it to his advantage. He shared a story from his last performance before the pandemic where he saw another really tall person in the crowd. The two of them made eye contact and Stell saw the guy being really cognizant of his tallness, yet still finding a way to enjoy himself. So Stell sent him some beers and thanked him for just being a great guy and aware, despite it just being part of him.

While on the show, Stell performed his two big hits "Prayed For You," and "Everywhere But On." Then he performed a brand new song that will also be his next single called "That Ain't Me No More."