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Hear The Audio From Lunchbox's Last 911 Call

Lunchbox's latest hobby seems to be calling 911. He's been bringing stories to The Bobby Bones Show about him calling 911 for different things.

His first 911 call was about a drunk driver on the interstate who was attempting to follow, but things when awry when the police officer pulled over the wrong car. Recently, Lunchbox called 911 again about what he called a "robbery" at the dog park. A woman's window was busted and some things in her car were stolen along with her phone. So Lunchbox offered to call 911 for her and report the situation. However, 911 told him that their line was for more life-threatening emergencies.

Scuba Steve was able to get ahold of the Nashville Metro Police Department and track down Lunchbox's last 911 call so we could listen to it and determine if he was actually helping or if he was being a 'Karen.' The show ultimately decided that he was just trying to help and wasn't being a bad guy in this latest situation.