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Kelsea Ballerini On Why Her Comments On Instagram Are Disabled

Kelsea Ballerini stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share the big move she's had in recent weeks, perform several of her big hits, and talk about the decision she's made in regards to social media.

While having to stay home from touring due to the pandemic, Ballerini, her husband Morgan Evans, and their dog Dibs moved into a new house. The big move was not only big for Ballerini and Evans, but Ballerini shared that Dibs was having some anxiety at their old place with all the dogs he had to interact with constantly. Dibs isn't a big fan of other dogs, so Ballerini said he's much happier now being in their own house.

Ballerini has been interacting with her fans even more on social media while stuck at home, but there is something fans have probably noticed on her Instagram. Her comments are disabled and she confessed to Bobby Bones that she is super sensitive and would end up paying attention to too many bad comments. So instead of shutting down completely and not being open with her life for her fans, she decided to just disable comments to avoid negativity and still be open about her life. She added that she's sensitive, but believes that's a good thing.

Before performing, Ballerini walked through her big career songs. Her song "Love You Like I Mean It" was written when Ballerini confessed that she had no idea what she was doing. She was with some songwriters, and they just ordered some pizza and pulled the song together. "I Hate Love Songs" is one that was totally different than her other songs so she had wanted to "zigzag" with this one as a single. She believes that giving fans this song allowed them to see the full spectrum of her album. "Homecoming Queen?" was about Ballerini's personal journey of figuring out who she was. During this moment, Ballerini wanted to hold herself accountable and this song did that for her. As for "Hole In The Bottle," Ballerini put it on the album because she wanted something light and happy and ultimately be able to play it in her live shows. She has since put out a version of "Hole In The Bottle" with Shania Twain. Ballerini shared that Twain emailed her early in quarantine to collaborate on a project. So the two of them spent months trying to figure out the perfect collaboration and ultimately decided on a new version of Ballerini's song.

Kelsea Ballerini performed her songs "Love Me Like I Mean It," "I Hate Love Songs," "Homecoming Queen," and "Hole In The Bottle." Watch here.