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TMSG: 10-Year-Old & Family Friend Cleaned Snow Off Hospital Workers Cars

10-year-old Christian Stone and family friend Abbey Meeker decided to go to their local hospital parking lot during a snow storm to lend a helping hand.

During the last big snowstorm in Rhode Island, the two went to Westerly Hospital and started sweeping snow off dozens of hospital workers' cars. 29-year-old Meeker has known Stone's mom since grade school and when he came up with the idea, she agreed to help. She shared that he likes to help people and has also been helping shovel neighbors' driveways for free before they go into the hospital.

They were sweeping the snow off during shift changes when they saw doctors, nurses, and other staff members walking to the parking lot. If they heard a car's remote start go off, they'd run over and make sure the snow was scrapped off. They ended up cleaning off about 80 cars in four different employee parking lots.

Christian told CNN affiliate WJAR, "I was thinking they've been helping us a lot through this whole pandemic, and I figured why don't we help them, you know?"

Photo: Getty Images