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TMSG: Train Conductor Helps Save Homeless Man From Train Tracks

The Marietta Police Department shared on Facebook about a scary incident that resulted in a heroic rescue in Marietta, Georgia.

According to authorities, a CSX conductor driving a mile-long freight train spotted a person down the tracks. Because of his swift action, he was able to stop the train before striking the person. After the train came to a stop, the conductor jumped out to help the man get off the tracks and immediately called for help.

Metro ambulance, Marietta Fire, and MPD officers showed up and carried the man about a quarter-mile to safety. They had later learned that the man was homeless and had fallen on the tracks, but was unable to get up. MPD wrote on Facebook, "He became hypothermic and if struck by the swift-moving train, would surely have been killed instantly." Thankfully, that didn't happen because the CSX conductor was paying close attention and acted quickly.

Photo: Getty Images