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Amy's Pile: Mom Bakes Amazon Delivery Box Cake For Son's Birthday

Pro baker Nina Evans Williams knew just what kind of cake she wanted to bake to celebrate her son Kane's 24th birthday.

Kane has some shopaholic tendencies and buys a little too much from Amazon. (Who doesn't!?) But those tendencies inspired Nina to make a chocolate cake that looked just like an Amazon delivery box.

She tricked him into believing the birthday cake was a delivery for him. She told the news, "He actually thought it was a package delivered for him. He gets deliveries quite often, almost weekly — and he's known for that especially during lockdown — so I thought that would be fantastic!"

Nina spent a whole day baking the four-layer, 15-inch by 10-inch cake, and another day adding icing and decorations for finishing touches. The cake was made with chocolate, raspberry jam, and buttercream, though people on Instagram were convinced it was cardboard. Kane was thrilled with his cake and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the packaged cake.

Photo: Getty Images