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Jared Isaacman On Taking The First Civilian Crew To Space

Jared Isaacman is leading the all civilian mission to space through Inspiration 4. He's the billionaire behind the project who is asking people to donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in exchange for a chance to be one of 3 civilians on the trip. He called into the Bobby Bones Show to talk about the upcoming trip and to settle some people's fears regarding the trip.

Isaacman isn't afraid at all for the upcoming mission. He has flown over 50 different kinds of jets, some fighter jets within inches of other pilots so to him he knows what significant risk is, and this civilian trip to space isn't one of those. He added that Space X is behind this project, and they've had thousands of successful rockets go up. They are the same company that brought NASA astronauts back from space to earth.

He told Bobby Bones that if this is something people have ever thought about doing or have it on a bucket list, now is the time and it's worth it. His goal is to help programs like Space X continue expanding space exploration while also still helping with the problems that are here on earth.

In case you're someone who likes the idea of going to space and want to benefit St. Jude in the process, you can go donate at and by the end of the month you could be getting fitted for a space suit.