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Kentucky Shelter Offering Cats To Poop On Names Of Exes For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a lovely holiday for all of those in love, but for those broken-hearted people that's not really the case. They try to find ways to cope in the days leading up to the holiday, but sometimes chocolates and friends just don't cut it.

We've heard of zoos allowing people to name cockroaches after their exes, and even places like Hooters giving people a chance to shred a photo of their ex for some free wings. However, this is the first year we've heard of this one. The Lexington Humane Society in Kentucky is offering up a unique service this year. For a simple donation of $10, the animal shelter will write your ex's name on one of their little boxes and their adoptable cats will literally poop on them.

The campaign is meant to raise money for the animals at their shelter and they're allowing requests till February 12th. And the litter boxes won't be removed until February 15th to ensure all the names actually get pooped on.

Photo: Getty Images