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God Winks. Positive Perspective. Gratitude. Magic in Every Moment.

Ralph Marston is on for all 4 things today! FIRST THING: Amy shares the fun way she got connected with Ralph {after sharing his quote from the #4thingsgratitude journal on a recent episode}. That story led to "God winks'' and Ralph shared a really cool story about how a shirt he randomly chose to wear one day changed the course of someone's life! SECOND THING: Ralph runs an online publication called 'The Daily Motivator' that impacts so many people & their daily outlook on life. He talks with Amy about that and why a positive perspective is so beneficial to us. THIRD THING: Ralph worked on a really cool “pandemic project” that you might want to do for yourself. He shared what he learned from the meaningful project & 4 things he is thankful for! FOURTH THING: Ralph believes there's "magic in every moment." He hopes we can see the possibilities & make our own special magic TODAY. 

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