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Eddie & Bobby's Fiancé Caitlin Make Fajita Tacos & Organic Margaritas

Bobby's fiancé Caitlin has been cooking up some delicious recipes in her YouTube series Unfancy Cooking. So far she's made Engagement Chicken, Candied Pecans, Drop Biscuits, and Enchiladas with Jon Pardi's wife Summer.

Now in Caitlin's latest episode, she brought on special guest Eddie. The two of them cooked up Eddie's specialty which is Fajita Tacos. She also asked that they make up some organic margaritas along with the tacos. During the episode, the two of them throw jokes at each other and Eddie makes some old references to Kris Kross that Caitlin doesn't understand. The fun dynamic of the two is perfect for making up an easy dish of Fajita Tacos at home.