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TMSG: 8-Year-Old Pays Off Entire School's Lunch Debt By Selling Key Chains

8-year-old Keoni Ching wanted to help his Vancouver community with his small business.

Ching recently launched a handmade key chain project for his school's "Kindness Week." With the help of his parents April and Barry and his grandparents, Ching created over 300 key chains, which he sold for $5 each.

In his total efforts, Ching was able to earn a whopping $4,015. All of which he is giving to the lunch debt of his school Benjamin Franklin Elementary and six others. He was inspired by San Francisco 49ers player Richard Sherman, who also paid off more than $27,000 of school lunch debt for students.

He told CNN, "I love key chains. They look good on my backpack." Adding that he wanted to help others because "it just makes the world a better place."

Photo: Getty Images