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TMSG: California Mother Of 7 Beats The Odds After 8-Month Battle With COVID

Carmen Sevillano is a mother of seven from Clovis, California and was diagnosed with COVID-19 in June of last year.

She was immediately sent to Clovis Community Center to be tested and was told she also had pneumonia. She was put on oxygen and progressively got worse. She was placed on a ventilator and put into a coma. But since then, she's slowly been battling and beating the odds, despite being told to say her goodbyes and that she'd never make it out of the hospital.

While in her coma, Sevillano suffered a collapsed lung and didn't meet the requirements for a lung transplant. Yet, she still woke up a few months later and taken off her ventilator.

Thankfully, now the mother is home with her family equipped with a hospital bed, oxygen, and a wheelchair. Though her road to recovery is still uncertain. She's worried about her future and the $6,000 in medical bills she owes. If anyone is help to help, teh family has set up a GoFundMe account.

Photo: Getty Images