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TMSG: Texas Man Helps Over 140 Stranded Drivers During Winter Storm

Texas man Ryan Sivley shattered his pelvic bone and almost died in a car accident during March of last year. So when he saw drivers needing help during Texas' latest winter storm, he knew he wanted to help.

Sivley used his second chance at life for good. He spotted hundreds of drivers in need on the side of the icy roads in Austin, Texas. Using all of his four-wheel drive vehicles, Sivley managed to rescue a total of 98 cars on one day and another 47 cars on another day. He pulled people off the road and offered up safe rides. He did this all without asking for anything in return.

He saw wreckers turning people away due to liability and didn't want to see them "freeze to death." He added in his talk with KVUE, "Well, put yourself in their shoes, if you were sitting on the side of the road with your wife and your kids and you're freezing in the car, and it's not running and you don't have anywhere to go and you don't have anyone to call, what do you do?"

Photo: Getty Images