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Lunchbox Asked Strangers About Their Thoughts On Being Naked For Massages

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show because she and her boyfriend had a disagreement about a recent massage situation. She shared that he got totally naked during a recent massage, including no underwear, and it made her uncomfortable. They disagreed on the matter and called into the show to ask for the crew's opinions.

Surprisingly the show wasn't all on the same page about the matter either. Bobby and Eddie believe that being totally naked during a massage (obviously with things being covered with a towel) isn't that big of a deal. However, Amy thought it was totally weird. The show further gave their opinions with Lunchbox and Morgan saying it's not a big deal to be totally naked and Mike D believing it's pretty weird.

Given that the show was split, Lunchbox took to the streets to ask strangers their opinions. One of the strangers believed that it was totally uncomfortable and she wouldn't let her husband do that, but the other strangers all seemed to think it wasn't a big deal and didn't see any issue with wanting to be totally naked for a massage.