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TMSG:Snowplow Driver Saves 5-Year-Old Wandering Streets During Winter Storm

David Gehrke was plowing the streets during the winter storm in Wisconsin. That's when he saw something around 4 a.m. by his wing blade.

He saw 5-year-old Maddox Pierce wandering alone. He had no shoes, hat or jacket and the temperatures were below zero. He told news outlets, "It was snowing, blowing and miserable. I realized that was not a dog or a deer. That was a small little boy dressed in a pair of just a zip up, onesie pajamas. But that light on the side of my truck illuminated him. 4 a.m., and it’s like, ‘What is he doing out here?’”

Gehrke went over to the boy, put his jacket on him and put him in the truck. He called police dispatch to let them know what happened. They stayed warmed up in the snowplow truck until help arrived.

Officers got Maddox and found out his story. He told the police he was scared because he thought he was home alone, so he headed to his grandpa's house. Though, his 14-year-old aunt had been babysitting him the whole time while his mom was at work. His mom Brittany Weissenburger said nothing like that had ever happened before, but she's extremely grateful to Gehrke for saving her son. They're making steps to make sure Maddox doesn't wander off again.

Photo: Getty Images