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Another Hat Drawing For The Show, Loser Has To Do The Polar Plunge

The Bobby Bones Show is all about playing some games of chance. They've recently been drawing names out of a hat to determine who on the show has to do a certain thing. The latest example of this was the possible space trip. The show members names were placed in a hat and they were drawn out one by one and whoever was left standing was put on the donation slip for a chance to go on the civilian space mission.

Lunchbox lost the last two rounds of hat drawings, so he decided to bring another hat drawing to the show to break his losing streak. So he proposed we put everyone's names in the hat and whoever came out last would have to do the local polar plunge for Special Olympics this weekend.

Thankfully for Lunchbox, his luck did change. He didn't lose the latest drawing. Though another show member did, Raymundo has to go do the polar plunge this weekend.