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Lunchbox Calls Cable Company Admitting His Lie About The UFC Fight

The Bobby Bones Show has recently turned some of their segments into animation. In the latest adaption, the animation replays Lunchbox call to the cable company after he had convinced them to give him a refund for the UFC fight.

When the UFC fight with Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier went down, fans were having issues with the streaming of the fight and caused cable companies to have to refund money for anyone who bought the fight and had issues. Lunchbox bought the fight and didn't have any issues with streaming, but knew that cable companies were giving out refunds. So he called to get his refund and was able to get his money back for the fight.

Lunchbox wanted to prove to the other show members that the cable company wouldn't care about what he did, so he called them back to let them know what he had done. Though, they did actually care and since Lunchbox called and confessed what he did they wanted to recharge him, but he claimed the signal was going out and hung up.