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TMSG: Toddler Accidentally Calls 911 And Saves His Father's Life

Deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office in Florida responded to a 911 hang-up call from a home. Despite the routine nature of accidental 911 calls, Deputy Nathan Kent responded anyway.

When Deputy Kent arrived, he noticed a toddler with no clothes walking around the apartment's parking lot. He became concerned and saw an apartment complex door open with a bunch of kid toys. Kent and the child went inside the home together and called out for someone, and there was no response. That's when Kent saw an unconscious man on the floor, not breathing and he had no pulse.

Kent started chest compressions and the man began breathing again. They were able to rush him to the hospital by paramedics for further treatment where he is expected to make a full recovery after a medical episode.

In talking to CW44, Kent said that it was the child messing around on the phone that ultimately saved the father's life, "The phone number, we looked later on, you could see that [the child] tried typing the password and it had 30 attempts that was the wrong password. It was probably accidental that he hit the button."

Photo: Getty Images