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TMSG: UberEats Worker On Brink Of Homelessness Begs Customers To Leave Tips

A TikTok video featuring Riley Elliot went unexpectedly viral when it exposed the reality of financial hardships delivery food drivers face.

Elliot uploaded a clip of him sitting in his vehicle clearly distressed after having completed one of his food deliveries. He went on to express that he wish people who order UberEats or Doordash understood what it's like to be a driver. He admitted that he was only paid $2.50 for the 45-minute job and then had to pay $3 for parking as the customer wouldn't come outside to meet him. Then the same customer only gave him a $1.50 tip. The video continued adding that he was about to become homeless for the third time since May and can barely afford to feed himself.

The video resonated with people, Elliot amassed over 17,000 new followers on TikTok and several people donated to him. He posted a follow up video sharing that he was grateful for people's support and the donations he received allowed him to move into a new home.

Photo: Getty Images