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Bobby's Bachelor Party Is Causing Some Controversy

Bobby Bones and his fiancé Caitlin are getting married in the summer of this year. Before that happens, they plan to have their own bachelor/bachelorette parties to celebrate with their friends.

Despite having not reached out to all of his groomsmen, Bones plans to have a bachelor party with them and those not in the party as well. There has been some controversy over said bachelor party. Bones wants to plan and pay for his own bachelor party, and his fiancé Caitlin told him that traditionally his best man plans it and he shouldn't be a control freak over it. Though, Bones best man Eddie is totally fine with Bones planning the party. Bones doesn't want a traditional bachelor party as he doesn't drink, and Eddie is concerned that he would plan something Bones may not like.

During The Bobby Bones Show today (March 2), there was a heated debate over what's best in this situation. Amy agreed with Caitlin that Bones needs to let someone else plan his bachelor party, as well as encouraged him to let his groomsmen pitch in to pay for it. Eddie is fine with letting Bones plan it as knows this is all very important to him and Eddie doesn't want the party to fall short. Though, neither of which make Bones very comfortable.