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Lunchbox Spills The Tea On Scuba Steve's Awkward Email & Phone Exchange

The Bobby Bones Show has a segment called 'Spill The Tea' where the show members spill the tea on other show members without them knowing what's about to happen.

Lunchbox decided to spill the tea on the newest member of the show, Scuba Steve. He was hanging out after the show when he overheard a phone call. A lady called Scuba Steve and was telling him that she is a female and not a male. It turns out that Scuba Steve was on an email thread with some people he didn't really know yet. In that email thread, he wrote back to someone and said "Thanks man!" but it was actually a woman he was writing back to. That woman ended up calling Scuba Steve to let him know that she is actually a woman, not a man for future reference.

Scuba Steve said he was really embarrassed that he didn't pay close enough attention to the person's name and email so he could respond appropriately instead of incorrectly.