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Eddie Claimed Being A Wine Expert So He Got "Wine Tested"

Whenever someone on the show makes a hefty claim, we always put them to the test. That was the case with Eddie and wine on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (March 5). Eddie claimed that he is essentially a wine connoisseur and can tell the difference between expensive and cheap wines.

So we put his claim to the test, making him taste test four different wines in styrofoam cups. Just based on taste, Eddie had to determine which of the wines was the most expensive out of the four cups. If he named the most expensive wine correctly then he would get to take home that expensive bottle and be crowned a wine connoisseur on the show.

Eddie went back and forth few times, but ultimately settled on one of the first wines he tasted. However, he was wrong. He was actually wrong on almost all of his opinions on the wine in terms of the cheap ones and the most expensive one. Because he didn't name the wines correctly, he then had to be punished. He doesn't get to drink for a whole week and he had to drink a can of olive juice, his most hated food. After spitting out some of the olive juice, Eddie chugged the rest of his cup like a champ.