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Miranda Lambert Talks New Projects, Her Husband, & That 'Tiger King' Photo

Miranda Lambert just announced her newest project The Marfa Tapes. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new project, her husband and their marriage, the latest collaboration with Elle King, and her controversial photo with Joe Exotic.

The Marfa Tapes were recorded in Marfa, Texas and Lambert, Jack Ingram, and Jon Randall wanted to do this project raw so that fans could feel like they were sitting there with them. Lambert has gone out to Marfa to write songs for the last 5 years. They spend time in a bungalow and just focus on their art while they're out there, Lambert added that the place is "magical." As they were recording, they watched the sunrise and recorded each of the songs in on take. The three of them wanted to show fans how a song is truly created. The album will be out on May 7th, but ahead of the release they shared a gratitude track called "In His Arms." Lambert has been following Jack Ingram around Texas since she was 15-years-old. She shared that he's been one of her heroes for a long time, and getting them all together for this project felt right. She said it was just like getting a bunch of Texas people together that are friends and want to write songs together.

That's not the only project Lambert has, she and Elle King just released a collaboration called "Drunk (I Don't Want To Go Home)." It was actually recorded in 2019 when they were on tour together for Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars, but wanted to wait for the perfect time to release the song. Recently they shot the music video in Nashville and felt it's a true, fun girl power anthem.

Lambert and her husband Brendan have been traveling around the country in their airstream during the pandemic. She shared that some fans notice them on the road, but it wasn't until their time in Atlanta when things got scary. Someone hit them and didn't stop, leaving a huge hole in their airstream. They still to this day have no idea who did it. Talking about her husband, Lambert added some marriage advice to her fans. She said "it's ok to do it twice" in reference to getting married. She shared that since they survived the pandemic together, she feels like they can do anything.

Bobby Bones made sure to ask Lambert about the controversial Joe Exotic photo she posted up on her Instagram. Lambert said the photo was taken during Hurricane Harvey before he was ever famous for the Netflix show 'Tiger King.' The two of them were helping move dogs and get animals to safety during the hurricane. During that time he was just another random person and they happened to get a photo together.