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The Story Behind Dr. Oz Saving A Man's Life At The Airport This Week

Dr. Oz was recently in the news for saving a man's life at an airport in the Northeast. He came on The Bobby Bones Show this morning (March 4) to comment on the whole ordeal.

He was at the airport with his daughter when a man collapsed forwards. His daughter yelled at him and Dr. Oz rushed over. The man died before he collapsed, but Dr. Oz went into life saving action. He was able to flip the man on his back and saw that he was purple, like the color of an eggplant. He ripped open the man's shirt and started doing chest compressions. Dr. Oz noticed a scar and realized the man had prior bypass surgery. That's when Officer Croissant came over, he never had to do CPR before but wanted to help. So the officer took over the chest compressions and Dr. Oz went to work to open up the man's airway after he noticed foam coming out of the mouth. Dr. Oz started putting oxygen into his body when another officer ran over with the defibrillator. The defibrillator confirmed the man's heart was not beating, but after shocking him once the man's heart bounded right back.

Dr. Oz confessed that the man was a miracle. By the time EMS arrived 10 minutes after his and the officers actions, the man was alert and knew where he was. He's now in the ICU recovering and the man's wife is keeping in touch with Dr. Oz on the recovery. When Bobby Bones asked Dr. Oz about a situation like that giving him butterflies, he admitted that there is always butterflies. He added that he's never nervous, but he gets butterflies because he's about to do something and he doesn't know if his actions will matter.

This isn't the first time Dr. Oz has saved a stranger's life when he was out and about. In 2013, Dr. Oz was running a marathon when a man collapsed. Dr. Oz happened to be wearing a cape during the whole thing because he was rocking a costume for the run. They were able to save this stranger as well. Another incident was when a woman was hit by a cab in New York City, she was a dancer and a tourist. The cab went off the road and ended up crushing the woman's legs and she had to have them amputated. In this later incident, Dr. Oz wasn't the first on the scene but a plumber was and Dr. Oz helped talk the plumber through things and give encouragement. Both strangers Dr. Oz shared he keeps in touch with to this day.