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TMSG: Dog Missing For 43 Days Reunited With Family After Silo Rescue

Springer Spaniel named Milo was missed for 43 days. He was spotted in early February of this year, but for two weeks Milo's family received no other tips.

That's when the residents of a town nearly 20 miles way from his family heard a dog barking over the course of a few days. Residents went to find out where the barking was coming from and discovered Milo, stranded in an "old bunker style silo."

The silo's 10-foot-high walls prevented Milo from getting out so with the help of residents and animal control officers, they were able to loop a rope around Milo and get him to safety.

Local pet finder service, Lost Paws LLC noticed a January 8 post from a family who was looking for a dog like the one they rescued. Fortunately it was the family's dog and they were all reunited. The animal shelter shared in a Facebook post that Milo immediately recognized his family and "many tears were shed from everyone."

Photo: Getty Images