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TMSG: Donations Pour In For 3rd Grader Who Cried About Being Hungry On Zoom

A teacher in New Jersey saw one of her third grade students crying during a Zoom class. The young girl revealed that she was hungry, and her mom had lost her job.

The school workers stepped in to get help to the family immediately. A social worker helped them get food from the local Fulfill Food Bank at the Jersey Shore. But since the story was shared, donations poured in for the girl's family soon after.

Director of Development Linda Kellner shared that the mother had a job in the restaurant industry and lost it at the start of the pandemic. The entire family was hungry after the loss in work. She is now working as a dishwasher to provide basic income, but is still receiving food every day because of Fulfill's gracious donors.

Food banks across the country have seen an increase in demand since the onset of the pandemic, but several are noting that they're also seeing more people step up to give.

Photo: Getty Images