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TMSG:Snow Plow Drivers Use Old Sled To Rescue COVID Patient Trapped By Snow

A new viral video shows how a snowplow driver and crew of city workers in Oregon were able to rescue a stranded COVID-19 patient during last week's snow storm.

The wife of the patient in his 50s shared that he had come down with the virus and was in bad shape. So longtime City of Camas plow driver Scott Purkeypyle and some city workers used their biggest plow and started to clean the man's long and steep driveway. The plow unfortunately got stuck for the first time in a quarter-century. So the crew jumped out and hiked in the snow to the top of the hill where the house was.

The patient was unable to walk, so his wife offered the crew their old toboggan. They were able to get the sled and get the man all strapped in and slid the patient about 500 yards down the hill. An ambulance was waiting at the bottom of the driveway to get the man to a hospital.

He has since tested negative for the coronavirus and has left the hospital. The couple was extremely grateful to the whole crew that helped rescue him safely and get him into a hospital.

Photo: Getty Images