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EXCLUSIVE: Kenny Chesney Shares Clips From New "Knowing You" Music Video

Kenny Chesney just announced his new single to country radio, "Knowing You." He virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about why they chose that song, the reason he's so passionate about sports, and some of his celebrity friends.

As most fans know, Chesney is a huge sports fan. He's always at the big sports games, standing on the sidelines or bringing his concerts to NFL stadiums across the country. Chesney shared the reason why he's always been so passionate about sports and it's because of his father. Chesney's dad was a coach and that kept him involved in sports throughout his entire life. He also added that shooting the music video for his song "Boys Of Fall," allowed him to get to know so many great players and coaches in football. Chesney loves that there's a mutual respect for artists coming from athletes, and vice versa. He confessed that there's often mutual fan freak out moments between athletes and artists when they meet for the first time. One of Chesney's good friends is sports broadcaster Erin Andrews. She's seen commenting on his social posts often, and Chesney shared they met during College Game Day one year and have stayed friends ever since.

"Knowing You" is Chesney's latest single out to radio, and he felt like this song was the perfect one for him right now. This song reminded Chesney of the kind of songs that made him want to chase his dreams as an artist in the first place. He exclusively talked about the inspiration behind the song and shared some clips with us of the new music video for "Knowing You." Check it out below.