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Bobby Answers Some Big Wedding Questions During Show Press Conference

Bobby Bones is getting married to Caitlin later this year. We've heard some small details for the wedding on The Bobby Bones Show, but today we finally got some frequently asked questions answered. Raymundo held one of his press conferences and asked Bones to answer questions about his wedding.

Here were the big questions and the answers Bones gave!

  • What month is the wedding? Bones said to block out the entire month of June.
  • When can invited guests expect their 'Save The Date?' Bones said they should be getting delivered today.
  • Update on Eddie planning Bones' Bachelor Party? Eddie feels bad and wants to start getting some things worked out. He asked Bones to have a serious conversation with him about it soon.
  • Is everyone on The Bobby Bones Show invited to the wedding? Yes, everyone is invited.
  • Over or Under 5 Country Stars being at the wedding? Over.
  • Will guests have to prove they've had the vaccine to attend the wedding? Bones says no, most people will have had it by the time of wedding anyways.