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Lunchbox's Wife Was Hit On The Highway And The Car Took Off

Lunchbox's wife was recently in an unfortunate situation on the highway. She was part of a hit and run, but thankfully she and Baby Box are ok.

He shared during The Bobby Bones Show today (March 10) that his wife was driving on a highway in Nashville. She was in the far left lane of the highway, and there was a semi in the far right lane of the highway. The semi swerved left in towards the middle lane causing the silver truck in between them to also swerve left hitting her. The silver truck swerved enough into Lunchbox's wife that the driver hit her car. Her car had scratches all over the front right side, but the silver truck just drove off.

Thankfully, Lunchbox's wife made the best decision and chose not to also swerve left or she would have gone into the median. She had Baby Box with her and was understandably shaken up for a few hours after the incident occurred. Lunchbox said they still have no idea who was driving the silver truck that hit her.