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Lunchbox Went To Pizza Chains To See If They'd Bake A Frozen Pizza

Listeners of The Bobby Bones Show may remember a segment we used to do called 'Will It Uber?' where we tried to Uber several different strange items.

We brought back the segment in a special way on today's show (March 10). Lunchbox attempted the 'Will It Pizza?' where he purchased a frozen DiGiorno pizza from a local grocery store and then went to five different pizza chains asking them to bake it for him. Bobby and Eddie were convinced that Lunchbox wasn't going to find a pizza chain that would bake it, but Amy thought at least one would say yes. Turns out that Amy was correct, Little Cesar's employees laughed at Lunchbox's question but then decided "why not?" and cooked the pizza for him.

Lunchbox said it only took about 7 minutes to bake, and he even offered up a slice to the employees but they turned it down. He also noted that there were other customers in the store and they thought Lunchbox lost his mind for asking them to cook a frozen pizza.