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Vulnerability. Change is Hard. Wise Compassion. Gratitude.

Lori Gottlieb (therapist & author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone) is on for all 4 things! FIRST THING: Lori is a therapist, but she is also "a card-carrying member of the human race” just like everyone else!!!  Amy talks with Lori on why it was important that she get vulnerable and include herself in such a revealing way in the book...even if her patients might read it! SECOND THING: People go to therapy to make changes in their lives, but changing is really hard. Lori shares why that is...even when the changes are good for us? They also discuss that there is no "hierarchy of pain" and that we should never minimize our feelings!

THIRD THING: Lori goes over the difference between "idiot compassion" and "wise compassion." For those looking to take that next step in their healing journey...she shares what some things people can do to improve their emotional well-being. FOURTH THING: Lori shared 4 things she is thankful for and talks about why gratitude is so important for us.

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