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TMSG: 8-Year-Old Boy Saves Toddler Sister From Drowning, Calls 911

Eight-year-old Tino was playing with his little sister Cami, when he noticed things got quiet.

When Tino looked up, Cami was out of the house. He looked out into the pool and saw Cami in there and screamed for his mother. It was Tino's scream that got his mother's attention. His mother Diana, a nurse, got Cami out of the pool and immediately started CPR. Tino ran to call 911.

Diana got her daughter to throw up and start breathing, showing signs of life. That was all thanks to Tino's scream. Diana told ABC 7 about her son, "I'm just so impressed with him. He was so calm and collected. You know, he called 911, gave them our address, told them to get here immediately."

Photo: Getty Images