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TMSG: Boy Shovels Fire Hydrant Out So Firefighters Can Put Out Blaze

11-year-old Blayke Austen-Hines helped out his local firefighters in a tricky situation and is now being hailed a hero.

A fire in Cortland, New York brought in 30 firefighters to battle a blaze and because of weather conditions most fire hydrants in the area were iced over. But thankfully the fire hydrant they used to help get the fire out was already cleared out and ready for them. Blayke has been shoveling fire hydrants in his community since he was able to pick up a shovel.

Fire Chief Wayne Friedman told LocalSYR, "If we didn’t have access to that hydrant, we would have ran out of water either going to another hydrant or having to shovel, chip away the ice to get to that hydrant."

Blayke told the news station that "there's nothing else he can do," so he figured he may as well do it for the firefighters to help them.

Photo: Getty Images