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Scuba Steve Thinks He's A Better Actor Than Lunchbox

There may be another Thespian Throwdown coming.

Scuba Steve revealed on Twitter a photo of himself dressed as a police officer. Turns out, Scuba Steve was an extra on a few different television shows when he was living out in California. And Lunchbox revealed in recent weeks that he decided to take an official acting class to level up on his acting skills. Both of them think they're the better actor between the two of them. Lunchbox has appeared as an extra on Friday Night Lights, and Scuba Steve has appeared as an extra on Notorious and Scream. Both of them have similar acting experience, though Scuba Steve did spend some time at big time acting classes during his stint in California.

While neither have been confirmed as the better actor, Lunchbox wasn't willing to do a challenge to find out. Because the loser of said challenge would have to do an "I Quit Forever," and he doesn't feel the judging would be fair. So to be determined if there will be another Thespian Throwdown and which actor would take the crown.