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TMSG: Southwest Airlines Workers Help Buzz Lightyear Toy Get Home To Owner

A crew of Southwest Airlines workers made sure a toy Buzz Lightyear made his way back home to owner with some adventures along the way.

Hagen and his family landed at Dallas Love Field Airport when he realized he left his "special buddy" on the plane. His Buzz Lightyear had already soared across to its next destination on another flight. The plane landed in Little Rock, Arkansas and that's when ramp agent Jason saw the little guy.

Thankfully, Hagen had wrote his name at the bottom of Buzz Lightyear's shoe much like in the movie Toy Story. With the help of his coworkers, Jason was able to find Hagen's information and reunite him with his toy.

Buzz Lightyear arrived at Hagen's home with pictures and a letter noting his "mission" and what he did to get back to his buddy.

Photo: Getty Images