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New Poll Says "Dad Bods" Are Now The Most Attractive Body Type

Young adult couple in love joking together

A new poll from got some surprising results when it comes to the most attractive body type to singles.

According to the new poll, "dad bods" are now the most attractive body type. When's members were polled, three out of four said they're a fan of the dad bod look. For those unfamiliar with "dad bod," it's defined as "a male physique that is relatively slim but not lean or toned." And because of studies like this, 45% of single people with dad bods are proud of them and brag about the dad bod on their dating apps.

The same poll revealed that 15% of people overall said they prefer a more chiseled look. On the other side, one in five said body type doesn't really matter to them, personality matters more.

Photo: Getty Images