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TMSG: 20-Year-Old Cleans Up Litter At Canyon For 600 Days Straight

20-year-old climate activist Edgar McGregor saw trash scattered around Eaton Canyon in Southern California located inside the Angeles National Forest and he wanted to make a difference.

For 589 straight days, he has visited the canyon and collected debris - including iPhones, beer cans, and bottles. On March 5th, he tweeted that the entire entire was clean. The announcement quickly went viral, racking up over 107K likes and a million views.

Though, he also noted on his Twitter that this isn't where his trash pickup ends. He says that he'll have to pick up trash for 2 to 3 days a week to maintain the cleanliness that he's made sure of in the canyon.

McGregor posts on his Twitter about the importance of not littering and taking care of your community.

Photo: Getty Images